Sunday 17 January 2016

Algonquin Van

I just finished up this Van.  Its kit bashed from a Atlas ICC Center Cupola Caboose.  I modified it to look like the Cartier Railway Vans built by Morrison Knudson.  In my version of history the Algonquin ordered these at the same time as the Cartier.
I weathered it with Oil Washes and PanPastels.  It features scratch built steps to increase the number to 3 steps vs. the 2 steps the model comes with, along with scratch built brass end hand rails to match the prototype.  I also changed two of the windows on each side to represent the large windows with the aluminum trim on the prototype. It also features a complete brake rigging system.
AGN GP7 #711 is preparing to leave Whitney Yard in Northern Ontario with a single empty Wabash Boxcar that just delivered a load of Grumman Aluminum Canoes to the Outfitter in town.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    What beautiful models!
    Great job.
    I can feel the chill in the air!
    See you at Supper

  2. Hey Ryan,
    I love old buggies like that, great effort.


  3. Do I spy one of the Yarmouth Wabash box cars with the wavy sides?

    1. Colin,

      You bet, its a great kit, get one before there gone its a great kit.


  4. Really nice caboose!! What do you use for the détails, for replace the roof, etc... I would like to know in détails what you do on this model....