Monday 12 December 2016

Board Fencing

While most of my modelling efforts of late are focused on building rolling stock for my future GT layout, work on the Algonquin continues.  I've decided to add a fence to the yard scene in the town of Whitney.  I want it to frame an area where the railroad stores things like ties, tie plates, rail etc. next to the MoW shed.

At first I considered buying strip wood and making it myself, but after comparing the cost of the strip wood, to the cost of a Blair Line laser cut fence kit I quickly bought the kit.  The strip wood, would've cost about a third more and I'd have to cut it all myself on the chopper.

I assembled the fencing in sections, with the posts spaced so they would be evenly spaced after installation on the layout.  I stained them with a Hunterline Red stain.  I wasn't pleased with the look, so I tried the kits instructions instead. The kit says to prime with grey (I used a rattle can) and then brush paint the colour of your choice.  I think they came out great.  I dry brushed the top coat to give a weathered look.

Next up is to install the fence and take a few photos. 


  1. Ryan,

    I just came across your blog. Well done on the RR. I like simple, realistic models and yours looks the part nicely. After looking at your track plan it is a very simple layout. How does that equate to operations for you? I have an 11'-0" x 7'-4" shed I am going to finish off for a layout and thought the space might be too small. Looking at your railroad I think I'll change my mind on that thought


    1. John,

      Thanks for the comment. As far as operations go, a two man crew will take about 1- 1.5 hours to complete a run into Whitney, switching about 2/3rds of the industries. This includes writing up a switch list and handling way bills. We try to follow prototype horn signals etc while do so. All this adds to the fun and length of run time. Good luck on your project. I would recommend starting a blog it will help you keep on track, stay motivated and connect with other modellers.