Tuesday 12 December 2017


Well I screwed up.  I did exactly what I was being so careful not to do.

 I knocked the glue bottle and some MEK escaped. 

I ended up melting about a third of one of the RPO sides. The glue hit the back side and I thought I could save it but......... I finally admitted to myself it was gone.  I had put this much work into it I had to make it right.

 So I cut it off, just to the right side of the baggage door and spent the evening remaking the mail room end of the side.  I'm going to leave it  for a day or so now and go watch hockey highlights instead..


  1. This is the main reason I loved Plastruct's "Weldene" and used it all the time when it was still being sold. I perfectly bonded styrene (though it took a bit longer to fully cure), smelled like oranges, but most importantly if you spilled it on something and just left it alone to evaporate the most that would happen is that the area would take on a dull, hazy, appearance. With MEK, mistakes are a lot worse.

  2. I have taken to cutting a hole in a plastic applesauce container and putting the bottle in it, using the container as a wide base for my paint and glue bottles to avoid knocking them over. It is a safeguard against the certainty that I'll do something clumsy with a solvent.