Friday 26 January 2018

RPO Part 5

Well here it is CN RPO #7810.

I used ScaleCoat CN Olive Green Paint for the body. Tamiya Flat Black for the roof and under frame bits.  The decals are from Microscale, the CNSIG set in particular.

The rivets are a combination of MicroMark and Archer.  There's at least 2500 of them on it!

It sounds like a lot, but it was only three evenings work to put them all on. One evening for the ends and then one for each of the sides, spending about two hours or so per.

The Mail room windows are Tichy Work Car frames, with the sill removed.  Using 0.010" x 0.030" styrene, a frame was added to the top of the outer portion to make these into single hung windows.  The Tichy muttons were not used. Clear styrene representing glass, was slid between the new upper framing and the rabbet in the Tichy window frame.  It would normally receive the muttons.

The Bars are brass wire held in some styrene blocks that I milled grooves into. The grooves space them correctly. The assemblies are then simply glued to the inside of the car.  The mail room windows, got a coat Testors Dullcoat to frost them.

The roof is held on with magnets, a method I will be using again.

I am very happy with how this car came out. It's the first passenger car I have modelled and I can't wait to get started on some more.  It really pushed my modelling skills up a notch. Here is my lessons learned.

Being a more complex build, it forced me to slow down and put more into the planning before each step was taken. 

At a minimum I have new found skills in working with styrene and decal rivets.  I also have a better understanding of passenger car details, and figured out a method to reproduce roof panel lines.  

All of these new skills will make tackling other projects easier while resetting the bar for what I can achieve.  

I even spent some time figuring out the white balance settings on my camera, so I can take better pictures.  Hopefully this has removed a road block, in me submitting a magazine article in the future.


  1. Outstanding model Ryan! Challenging model work like this is rewarding, glad you had fun building it, well maybe with the exception of the spill!
    Nice photos too.

    Regards, Joe

  2. Ryan, the finished model looks great , nice job. I was wondering if you put the rivets on the raw styrene or primed it first?

    1. Ken,

      I prefer to put them on raw styrene. I have a few other tricks I've picked up and will do a blog post about decal rivets in the short future.

  3. Magnets to hold the roof on are a great technique. I've designed several 3D printed cars that use that to make up for the fact the 3D printed materials can't always reliably be drilled and tapped.

    Its a gorgeous car and I look forward to seeing your next passenger car projects!


  4. RYAN, Next time build 2 cars ... I would buy the other one... JOHN

  5. Nice work, I agree with all the guys, well done.

    Best, Scott

    1. Thanks Scott this was a lot of fun to build.....

  6. That’s terrific - and thanks for sharing the how, too.


  7. Ryan,

    Just magnificent!

    Well done,


  8. Very nice build Ryan. I'm wondering if you took any pics of the magnet installation? I'm curious as to what size and how you mounted them to the roof and carbody.

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