Friday 15 August 2014

EL 70368

I while ago I finished up this EL Boxcar.  Its an Intermountain 10'6" AAR kit. I used decals from Highball Graphics and painted it to match a proto photo on the Highball website.  Here is a Link to the photo.

I think I got it pretty close but maybe a bit heavy on the black streaking.  I am still learning to use a lite touch when streaking with oils.  The white dusting was done with oils and white weathering powders. I omitted the roof walk and shortened the ladders on the A end.  I also left off the U-1 wheel inspection dot labels as these were not in use until 1978 and I'm modelling April 1977. Kadee #158 's were also installed.  I still need to install brake hoses and cut levers.  Back when I built this I hadn't come up with a standard for my freight cars and they are not all finished to the same detail level.  I save my freight cat standard for another post.