Friday 3 July 2015

Operations Prep #2

 It's been awhile since my last post.  I have been busy, mostly with non hobby related things.  An unexpected house reno, canoe trip and with hockey playoffs to watch, I haven't got much done.  I did managed to make some head way on my pre op session list from my last post.

 I built a Way Bill box and mounted it to the fascia. Still need to make one in HO scale for the depot.

 This was a fun project and something that my son helped with.  He's only five but really loves working with tools and helping out in the work shop.  Currently my efforts are in teaching him how to measure and he's getting the hang of it.  I have him do tasks such as, set the fence on the table saw,  measure and mark wood pieces to cut, setup the compass and  draw circles.  All in the imperial system.  He can learn metric in school.....

I have made no progress on the Waybills. I have put this off long enough, so the plan is to do one per night and tune up each freight car that it matches.  Maybe if I get on a roll I will get more than one a night done.

I cleaned the track and applied graphite.  What a difference to electrical performance, I highly recommend doing this simple but effective treatment.  I was surprised how little you need to apply, the locomotive and freight cars help to spread the graphite around to all tracks.  For cleaning I use a 900 grit Arkansas Stone.  Is hard, so it slices off any dried glue etc, very easily but such a fine grit that it doesn't wear away at the rail head, rather polishes.

As for modelling, I did manage to finish a couple of things.  I mounted switch stands to all 7 turnouts on the layout.  A nice detail and simple one evening project.

 I finally finished up the Superior Propane Tank Truck.  I had to mill out a pocket on the bottom of the tank in order for it to sit at the right height on the frame.  Once this was complete I painted and applied decals from Microscale  I think it turned out pretty good.  One interesting thing about the yellow paint does bother me though.  The paint under my spray booth light matches the Athearn cab paint very close, but under the layout lighting it looks greenish compared to the cab.  It is something to note for future paint projects.  Make a test paint chip and check under the layout lights.

Next up is to finish the matching Propane Tank that will be part of the Feed & Supply dealer.