Sunday 27 April 2014

RS-10 502 gets dirty

Over the last week I decided to take a crack at weathering one of my Algonquin Locomotives.  In this case #502.  I used powders, artists oils and AK Interactive streaking effects.  I started with a coat of dullcote from the airbrush.  I mix it 50/50 with lacquer thinner.  It goes on better when thinned and a bottle lasts longer.  I printed out a couple of photos of Rs-10's to see how they weathered and got to work.  I used full strength black artist oil around the exhaust and on the sills to represent thick black oil spills.  Then I used dark rust, black and white powders to make the rest of the roof look beaten up.  I used the Ak Interactive rust streaking effects along the sill and on all the lovers.  I basically dry brushed it on.  I finished the fuel tank up with gray and burnt umber pan pastels and Ak Interactive dark streaking effects around the fuel filler.  I don't remember how I did the trucks as I weathered then about a year ago.

One thing I'm not happy with is the factory mu hoses on this unit.  They stick out way too much.  I'm going to change them out with some Cal scale brass ones.

Thanks for looking.

Friday 18 April 2014

End of Car Lettering

I have always detested applying decals to the ends of rolling stock.  I always struggle to find a way to hold the car vertical.  I have tried putting it in various containers like cups and such, propping it up in my foam cradle etc.  Well last night I got out the machinist tools.  In this case, a right angle grinding plate.  I used a storage container as a spacer and a mini quick clamp to hold the loco shell to the angle plate.  Its a lot easier to apply decals when the shell isn't moving all over the place.

In this case I'm going to attempt to put on the loco numbers using dry transfers.  We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Rolling Stock

This week I finished up my first 2 home road cars.  Two P2k 52'6 Gondolas.  I stripped both of them of their paint to start.  Next up was to add some dents to the top rail by heating the top edge up with a candle and deforming the plastic with the end of an X-Acto knife handle.  Next I modified the shell by removing the material along the lower edge.  Gondolas built by National Steel Car sloped down over the distance between two ribs, along the lower edge.  On the P2k cars it is between three ribs, based on the American prototype the model represents.  By removing all the material between these areas it better represents the Canadian prototype.  Here are a couple of photos of the models.  I still need to weather the models and add brake hoses.  The models sport ACI labels and Consolated Lube plates typical of cars from the 70's.


The Algonquin Railway (AGN) is an HO scale layout representing a free-lanced railroad set in Northern Ontario, on the east side of Algonquin Park, in April 1977.   My goal is to share the construction of the layout and modelling of the locomotives and rolling stock.  I also hope to meet some like minded modellers.  Here are some pictures to start things off.

Enjoy!  More to come..