Monday 14 September 2015


Over the weekend I got a start on the operational paper work.

I designed a Waybill and Switch list.

The waybill is my own design, derived from 3 or 4 different waybill examples I found on the internet or had given to me by other modellers.

It has most of the typical information found on a prototypical waybill.  I created it using Apple's 'Numbers' program. I saved a master copy and will make inbound and outbound waybill's for each car on the roster.

I also managed to complete an inbound and outbound waybill for a CN 8 hatch Reefer.  I checked the car wheels for the proper gauge, adjusted the truck screws and replaced a missing air hose.  It is now ready for service.  One down and about 30 or so to go.  If I stay on this project I should have it finished in less than a week.  Well that's the goal anyway.

Inspiration for the Switch List comes from an Algoma Central example.  The clip board is about the size of a half sheet of paper.  I printed the waybills on thick paper and laminated them.