Sunday 17 January 2016

Propane Supply

    I just finished painting and decaling the propane tank for the Feed and Supply dealer in the town of Whitney.  The tank is a GLX model.  I painted it with Proto Paint.  This is an acrylic based paint.  It says its ready to airbrush on the bottle, so I gave it a try.  It went on kinda lumpy.  For the second coat I thinned it with Tamiya acrylic thinner and it went on better, although not as nice a Valleo Model Air paint.  I'm not a huge fan of acylic paints other than those by Valleo.  I've had enough experimenting with paint I'm going to stick to Valleo Model Air or Tru-Color from now on.  I've had excellent results with both.

Here's the recently finished Propane Tank Truck backing in to fill up the tank at the Feed and Supply dealer.  Soon to be ready to fill up all the Cottagers BBQ tanks.  I mounted a small BBQ tank sign on the out building behind the Feed and Supply as well as a "Shur Gain" Grain Dealer  Sign.

Algonquin Van

I just finished up this Van.  Its kit bashed from a Atlas ICC Center Cupola Caboose.  I modified it to look like the Cartier Railway Vans built by Morrison Knudson.  In my version of history the Algonquin ordered these at the same time as the Cartier.
I weathered it with Oil Washes and PanPastels.  It features scratch built steps to increase the number to 3 steps vs. the 2 steps the model comes with, along with scratch built brass end hand rails to match the prototype.  I also changed two of the windows on each side to represent the large windows with the aluminum trim on the prototype. It also features a complete brake rigging system.
AGN GP7 #711 is preparing to leave Whitney Yard in Northern Ontario with a single empty Wabash Boxcar that just delivered a load of Grumman Aluminum Canoes to the Outfitter in town.