Thursday 25 April 2019

Hanging my Shingle......

I've decided to start my own hobby related business. It's called National Scale Car.  The focus of the new company is resin mini kits for prototype modelling, as well as modelling tools that I've created. I hope others will find the tools as useful as I do.

The first mini kit has already been released and up on the website.  The first run just about sold out in less than a week, but there is still a couple of kits left.  

More kits will be up on the site in the coming days.  Additional information can be found on the company website. Our first tool will be released at the same time.

I will be releasing kits and or parts in HO, S and possibly O scale depending on interest.  Some of the kits feature parts designed in CAD and 3D printed.  I will be offering N scaled versions of these through Shapeways.