Friday 26 February 2016

Track Plan and Layout Tour

I've had numerous requests for a track plan.  So here it is.  I never made a track plan before I constructed the railway.  I just put flex track on the bench work and moved things around until I was happy with it.

The plan shows the industries switched on the layout but none of the other structures.  Some Details about the layout.

Modelling Date April 9,1977.

Room Size about 11' x 11'. Scenery including structures ~90% complete.

DCC Digitrax, all Locomotives are SoundTraxx Equipped. SoundCar is mounted under the layout with two Rail Master Speakers.

Maximum Grade 0%.

Track work is Micro Engineering Code 83 and 70 flex track.

Switches are Walthers Code 83 modified with PCB ties to replace the huge plastic throw bars.  Cork road bed on Main and run around.  Track dips down to the foam on all other sidings.

Bench work is box frame, with plywood tops and pink foam.  Hills are made with florist foam.  All mounted on adjustable shelf brackets. Bench work is 52" off the floor.

Backdrop is Masonite with made by me Photo Backdrops on 2 walls and painted backdrop on the third.  I wanted to learn how to do both methods.

Staging is a removable 2 track staging yard with 8-9 car capacity including Locomotive and Van.

The layout tour travels from West to East along the line.  I have completed the feed mill since these pictures were taken.  I will post about it in the short future.  Enjoy..