Thursday 31 December 2015

Wabash 12 Panel Boxcar Finished

  I finished the Wabash Boxcar earlier this week.  I weathered it lightly with Pan Pastels. I wanted a look where the dirt had accumulated on the panel seams and rivets, but not rusted out. I did not want to over do it, even though this car and paint scheme is a bit early for my time frame. I used black and a dirty greenish brown colour.

  In all reality it hasn't much reason for showing up on the Algonquin, but I liked the car so much I had to have one.  A bit of research has shown that the Grumman Aluminum boat company, makers of the Aluminum Canoe were located in New York State (served by the Wabash in Buffalo).  So I will make up a Waybill for this car, carrying a load of Canoes to the outfitter in Whitney ON.  I may patch it out for N&W which absorbed the Wabash 1964. 

I used Rustoleum Dark Brown Camouflage Paint on the trucks and wheels followed up with some dirt and black Pan Pastels on the truck side frames.  I sealed it all with a dull coat.  The Pan Pastels stick much better than weathering powders and didn't wash off when dull coated to my surprise.  I will be using these more in the future and will be picking up more colours.


  1. Nicely done - and I like the idea of a load of canoes.
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

    1. Thanks Trevor. Sometimes I think I end up spending more time trying to invent stuff to make my Proto Freelanced line seam reasonable, than actual modelling. The next layout is going to be based on a prototype so i don't have to think so much, just do the research which I really enjoy. :)