Friday 18 April 2014

End of Car Lettering

I have always detested applying decals to the ends of rolling stock.  I always struggle to find a way to hold the car vertical.  I have tried putting it in various containers like cups and such, propping it up in my foam cradle etc.  Well last night I got out the machinist tools.  In this case, a right angle grinding plate.  I used a storage container as a spacer and a mini quick clamp to hold the loco shell to the angle plate.  Its a lot easier to apply decals when the shell isn't moving all over the place.

In this case I'm going to attempt to put on the loco numbers using dry transfers.  We'll see how it goes.


  1. I would apply the transfers to blank decal sheet, then clear coat them and apply them as a decal. Trying to keep transfer lettering lined up is hard enough on a flat surface; doing it in the air at an angle would be more than interesting.


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    1. Jurgen,

      Thats a great idea. But I checked my blog to late. I did manage to get them on but it wasn't easy. Funny thing was, shortly after I finished I found a decal set that had black number board letters in it. I need to organize my decals in a binder so I know what I have.


  3. I like to hang carbodies on a block of wood clamped in a vise. The wood should be snug enough to hold the carbody, but loose enough that you can adjust it easily.

    This way the part is held from the inside and no exterior detail gets damaged from clamping.

    - Bill