Friday 20 February 2015

Log Loader

Over the last two evenings I have been working on a GHQ pewter kit of a log loader.  This is the first time I have built a kit from pewter.  The castings in the kit are almost flash free.  Only a little cleanup was needed.  I put it together with medium CA glue.  I left off the roof, which I will paint when I spray the loader.  Leaving off the roof means, I can install the seat and figure after I spray the loader.  I used a product called MR. Surfacer, to fill in small hair line cracks and a small mismatch line of the casting in the engine area of the loader.  It's similar to putty but you can brush it on.   This is the 1200 version, I believe there is a 600 version which is a bit thicker.  While designed for styrene, it worked well on the pewter.

My son helped me on this model, for his effort I let him decide if we should model the loader with the arm up or down.  He choose up.   I will paint and install the wheels separately.  I will let the filler dry overnight and then sand the model prior to paint.


  1. Wow, that's a nice looking model! I've seen these kits listed in the Walthers catalog but never considered them. I might have to get one one day.
    And a recommendation for Mr Surfacer too -- must get myself some.

  2. I should get a loader or two like this for my eventual layout as well. I'll have a couple of places where logs are either loaded or unloaded.

  3. Neat looking model, Ryan. I've got a place on the layout where pulpwood flats are loaded and this would make a neat addition if it's not too big. Please post some pictures once it's painted.

    And I'll second the thanks for the recommendation on the Mr. Surfacer.